Welcome to Byron Bibliotherapy

Welcome to Byron Bibliotherapy

I first came across the term “Bibliotherapy” in a Psychiatry lecture at medical school. It was glossed over as one of the forms of “talking therapies” that included psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioural therapy.

But I did file the idea away in my mind for the future.

Now, in my spare time I continue to read and write. Volunteering for the Byron Writers Festival in 2016 was a highlight. I have joined a Children’s Literature Book Club, which is full of inspiring teacher-librarians who share an amazing number of recommendations. I also try to live my passion for education through my daughter’s school P&C. I initiated the Education Sub-Committee, which holds public forums on issues such as Sex Ed and Cyber Safety. In 2017 I also re-started the local Girl Guides unit, alongside some inspiring women.

Now is the time I’ve taken that Bibliotherapy idea out of my brain file and decided to do something about it.

Books are so powerful for helping to guide us and empathise with others.

This website and my personal and group consultations are the way I can share this with you.

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