2022 Standout Picture Books (Australian Edition)

Picture books are just what the doctor ordered ~ a format that even the most exhausted, ADHD-frazzled, tail-end-of-the-pandemic-years child, parent, or teacher can respond to. Condensed liquid sweetness mixed with something substantial to chew on. Like bubble tea, but nutritious It’s been a wonderful year for Australian picture books, but …

Welcome to Byron Bibliotherapy

Welcome to Byron Bibliotherapy I first came across the term “Bibliotherapy” in a Psychiatry lecture at medical school. It was glossed over as one of the forms of “talking therapies” that included psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioural therapy. But I did file the idea away in my mind for the future. …

Children’s books dealing with death: A Novel Prescription with Shae Millward

THE RABBIT’S MAGICIAN is a children’s book dealing with death. Discover how Shae Millward was inspired by the Law of Conservation of Energy. And how the picture book ended up as a reassuring and heart-warming meditation on love and loss.

Barely Asian

My kids can’t understand why I get so passionate about diversity and representation. When I try to explain to them that it’s a deeply personal matter for me, they grin and say, “But you’re barely Asian, Mum.” I try to explain that when I was little, I was super-Asian! Because Queensland was super-White.