Welcome to Byron Bibliotherapy

Welcome to Byron Bibliotherapy I first came across the term “Bibliotherapy” in a Psychiatry lecture at medical school. It was glossed over as one of the forms of “talking therapies” that included psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioural therapy. But I did file the idea away in my mind for the future. …

Barely Asian

My kids can’t understand why I get so passionate about diversity and representation. When I try to explain to them that it’s a deeply personal matter for me, they grin and say, “But you’re barely Asian, Mum.” I try to explain that when I was little, I was super-Asian! Because Queensland was super-White.

Full Medal Jacket: My mock CBCA shortlist 2021

I like how librarians and members of the children’s literature community in the US participate in Mock Newbery debates. So I’ve decided to do my own for our own Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards, also inspired by Margot Lindgren over on her blog, Momo. Earlier in the month I …

HYSTERIA: Functional Neurological Conditions with Katerina Bryant

HYSTERIA came onto my radar in 2020 through a doctors’ group I’m a member of. Members recommended for health professionals and others interested in the lived experience of a person with Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Serizures (PNES). I will also recommend it for patients and friends struggling with questions about illness we don’t yet have answers for.