Bibliotherapy is simply helping people through books.

Whether you are:

  • Stuck – in a reading rut or even in life
  • Overwhelmed – by the millions of books published each year
  • Transitioning – New Year, new job, new parent, new stage of life
  • Suffering – Grief, loneliness, worry, fear

Bibliotherapy can help.

The joy of reading

We often see children turning to books for comfort, reading the same tale over and over again. They delight in the words, the pictures, the story. Do you remember going to the library or the bookstore, and the joy you found there? Can you recall a librarian or teacher, or a favourite relative, who gave you a book that changed your world?

For a lot of people, at some point, we lose that joy. Reading becomes a luxury, something to squeeze in at the end of the day, or banished to rare holidays. Even if you were never much of a reader, the magic of books, and the comfort of reading, is still there.

Bibliotherapy can help you at any stage of life

If you wander into a bookstore or library today, you can probably find a book that will help you. If you’re in need of relationship advice, or you want to change careers, or you need information about gluten free diets – there will be a practical guide that you can buy. If you’ve recently suffered a loss, or a loved one is in pain, or you struggle to get up every morning, there are books packed full of advice for you too.

Bibliotherapy aims to go beyond the practical. Reading other people’s stories – whether true or fiction – can give you a different perspective on your situation, or make you feel that you are not alone. They can inspire you to try something new or give you confidence to keep going. They can open your eyes and astound you, make you laugh and elevate you; they can make you angry, or make you cry, and above all else, they can change you.

Books can change your life.

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